Customized processing by the manufacturer
Customized processing by the manufacturer
Xinwei catheter fixation device
widely used for fixing catheters such as indwelling needles, peripheral venous catheters, central venous catheters, urinary catheters, drainage tubes, nasogastric tubes/nasal feeding tubes, etc., waterproof and breathable, non-invasive fixation, reducing patient pain, convenient for clinical operations.
quality assurance
Since its establishment, the company has always believed in the importance of quality in the medical field, and continues to follow the regulations and policies that implement GMP and ISO13485:2016 comprehensive quality management systems. It uses high-standard quality requirements to maximize the safety and effectiveness of customers during use. performance and reliability. Strictly follow the quality control system to ensure that all production stages of the product from raw material processing to finished product distribution are transparent, controllable and traceable.
Customized processing by the manufacturer
Development and quality coexist, and credibility and service are equally important.
Zhongshan Xinwei Weaving Co., Ltd.
 It is a comprehensive modern enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. As a well-known domestic weaving enterprise, it advocates advanced technology and craftsmanship, and has successively launched adhesive-backed Velcro series products and PUR adhesive-backed Velcro series products to the market with its strong strength and advanced technology. Among them, the adhesive-backed series are divided into For ordinary glue, special viscose glue, low temperature glue and high temperature glue, etc. Since the establishment of the company, Xinwei Weaving has adhered to the business philosophy of "pioneering innovation, technology research and development, quality first, customer service", introduced professional production equipment and process technology, recruited technical talents from all over the world, and established a young marketing team. We always adhere to the purpose of "satisfying customers", using green and environmentally friendly materials, coupled with advanced machinery and equipment and professional process technology, we have successfully applied our products to a wide range of clothing, shoes and hats, bags, sofas, curtains, toys, tents , gloves, sports equipment, medical equipment, electronic plastics and various military products and many other industries, and has won unanimous recognition and praise from customers with its many features such as complete varieties, complete specifications, excellent quality, and many colors!
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